The Madness Brewing Company

For your drinking pleasure, we bring you a selection of the finest beers to grace our shores!
Brewed by our friends at Portobello Brewery, our beers go one step beyond with flavour and style!

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Madness Beers

A flavourful homegrown craft lager, it uses a two tone hit of fine malts and blended aromatic hops to create a unique golden beer with a touch of light bitterness. And with a clean refreshing taste that’s guaranteed to quench the driest of thirsts, Gladness always warrants a chorus of “Madness, Madness, they call it Gladness!”

Lovestruck, a superb Hoppy Amber Ale, has been brewed by our friends at Portobello Brewery. Filled with a floral and berry hop character that tickles the nose followed by coffee and hazelnut aromas, it’s a beer to savour and enjoy with friends and good conversation.

And while Lovestruck might not have you spilling out your deepest feelings to your loved one, it will make you fall in love with beer all over again.

Night Boat, a delightfully rich velvet London Porter, has been brewed by our friends at Portobello Brewery. Packed to the rafters with cappuccino, chocolate, hazelnut and dark fruit aromas, it’s a beer with a taste for adventure.


  • Satna

    How about bringing some of that beer to Holland?

  • Brian Wiegert

    When is it going to be exported to the US? Yeah you do have fans over here!!

  • Paul Gambardella

    Nice work lads, how about putting together a Super Stout 8-9% something with more flavours than you can shake a stick at.

    Hey Lee, looking good mate, Gilly sends her love ….. stay lucky :)

  • WellMad68

    Class in a Glass Well MAD !!!!

  • John Connor

    It was great to meet the lads at the launch in The Imperial, Leicester Sq. last night. Lovestruck is a beautiful beer, can’t get enough of it.

  • mick turner

    got the e-mail went straight out and bought lovestruck and nightboat what a couple of beers . i thought gladness was a brew and a half but this pair complete the hat trick . well done lads. if you like a good beer you won`t be disapointed .

  • Fran?ois

    We need to get pissed also in France with the Maddies beers !!!!!!

  • Sean Byrne

    How about you do another Tour to Australia and bring some beer with you?

  • John Smith

    love the London porter and the lovestruck ale …….. but why cant we get the lager in scotland ?????? …is it one step beyond ??? lol

  • Michael P. Di Domenico

    We need Madness beer in the U.S.!!

  • wominblack

    or can you order them online?

  • Gigi Vazquez

    send some to California

  • Beermankev

    Any chance of getting some to cross the wee bit of water that separates the mainland to Northern Ireland

  • Monsieur Frisk

    And any chances of getting the beers to Denmark? Or buy them at Madstore?

  • MimesAgainstHumanity

    Any chance of getting those to Germany?